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Post Graduate Department of Periodontics

 Prof. Dr. Seba Abraham (Head of department)
 Dr. Ambili. R (Reader)
 Dr. Reeja (Reader)
 Dr. Preeja C (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Archana (Senior Lecturer)

Research Activities:

Comparative evaluation of coronally advanced flap with PRF versus sub-epithelial connective tissue graft in the treatment of gingival recession with quasi experimental design- an In Vivo study

 Academic stress on periodontal disease status among dental undergraduates-A Longitudinal study.
 Critical evaluation of salivary bio-markers for periodontal diagnosis –a comparative study.
 Comprehensive evaluation of molecular mechanisms of periodontal disease.

Post Graduate Department of Prosthodontics

 Dr. Alex Mathews. M (Head of department)
 Dr. Sudeep Sarathchandran (Professor)
 Dr. William Thomas (Reader)
 Dr. Dinesh. N (Reader)
 Dr. Sheeba Gladstone (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Noxy Manjooran (Senior Lecturer)

Research Activities:

 Effect of relief space, space holes and seating velocity on pressure characteristics of maxillary and mandibular edentulous impressions – an In Vitro Study.
 The effect of recasting on cytotoxicity and elemental release of base metal alloys –an In vitro study Mechanical properties of FPD materials

Post Graduate Department of Conservative Dentistry Endodontics

 Prof. Dr. Rajesh Pillai (Head of department)
 Dr. Murali Govind (Professor)
 Dr. U-Nu. S (Reader)
 Dr. Asha Sarah Jacob (Reader)
 Dr. Chandy Joseph (Reader)
 Dr. Afsal. A (Senior Lecturer)

Research Activities:

 Fracture resistance of endodontically treated tooth, to different sealers and obturating materials – an In Vitro study.
 Comparative evaluation of apical micro leakage following obturation with Zinc oxide eugenol based, resin based and a new polymeric endodontic filling – an in Vitro study.
 In Vitro evaluation of linear apical micro leakage following obturation with single cone thermoplasticized and lateral compaction techniques.

Post Graduate Department of Orthodontics Dentofacial Orthopedics

 Dr. Roopesh R (Head of Department)
 Dr. Madhav Manoj (Professor)
 Dr. Deepu Leander (Reader)
 Dr. Reshma Raveendran (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr.Jobin Baby (Senior Lecturer)

Research Activities:

 Prevalence of malocclusion in local population, based on IOTN scale.
 Effect of force application on GCF and analysis of inflammatory markers.
 Evaluation of new parameters for Bolton ratio in local population.

Post graduate Department of Oral Pathology

 Prof. Dr. Bindu J Nair (Head of department)
 Dr. T.T. Sivakumar (Professor)
 Dr. Anna P. Joseph (Reader)
 Dr. Varun. B.R (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Vinod Mony (Senior Lecturer)

Research Topics

 Periodical oral cancer screening and detection camps undertaken in collaboration with the Department of Community Dentistry.
 Isolation and characterization of dental pulp stem cells, for implications in Regenerative medicine. (A Department of Bio-technology (DBT), Govt. Of India, Funded Project)

Post graduate Department of Oral Medicine Radiology

 Dr. Capt. Vivek. V (Head of department)
 Dr. Sunila Thomas (Professor)
 Dr. Vineet Alex Daniel (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Jincy Thomas (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Ranimol (Senior Lecturer)

Research Topics

 Evaluation of existing treatments for Oral Lichen Planus
 Formulating a management protocol for Oral Lichen Planus
 Standardization of exposure parameters for digital radiography.

Post graduate Department of Pedodontics Preventive Dentistry

 Prof. Dr. Sajeena George (Head of department)
 Dr. Anandraj. S (Reader)
 Dr. Jyoti Sumi Issac (Reader)
 Dr. Sheen Ann John (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Anoop Harris (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Senthamil Selvan (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Shifa Salem (Junior Lecturer)

Research Topics

 A comparative evaluation of caries prevalence in 6-12 years school-going children of urban and semi-urban areas around Trivandrum.
 Comparative evaluation of gingival status of Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia patients under 15 years of age, before and after chemotherapy.
 Estimation of caries risk status using Dento-cult test in Early Childhood Caries affected children of Trivandrum City.

Post graduate Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

 Dr. L.K. Surej kumar (Head of department)
 Dr. Suvy Manuel (Reader)
 Dr. Rakesh Koshy (Reader)
 Dr. Geetha Ashok (Reader)
 Dr. Nikhil Mathew Kurien (Reader)
 Dr. Sherin A Khalam (Senior Lecturer)
 Dr. Rekha Peter (Junior Lecturer)

Research Topics

 Role of antibiotics in healing of extraction socket – a prospective study
 Efficacy of topical local anesthesia before local anesthetic injection.
 Chromosomal study of VanderWoude’s Syndrome.

Department of Community Dentistry

 Dr. Manju Renjith MPH (Reader)
 Dr. Daniel Sunitha (Junior Lecturer)

Research Activities

 Community oral health survey in Vembayam Grama Panchayath
 Anganwadi based oral health survey
 School based awareness survey
 Dental utilization in Community
 Oral health problems among mentally retarded
Tobacco cessation

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