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Prohibition of Ragging

Any form of ragging is totally banned in the PMS College – Premises. The senior students have extended whole hearted co-operation with the college authorities in keeping the college campus a ragging free one. All the students are once again reminded to keep up this noble tradition of the institution. The students are also reminded that ragging in educational institutions in the state of Kerala is a crime, punishable by imprisonment upto two years and fine upto Rs.10,000/- According to the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998 (Act 10 of 1998) the offending students also invite expulsion from the college and are banned from admission to any college for a period of 3 years.


·        All the students are requested to keep their printed materials outside while they are entering into the Library.  However, they can keep the same inside their bags and keep in the racks kept for the purpose.


·        All the Faculty Members, House Surgeons, Students and other Staff members are strictly directed to enter their name, entry in/out time and purpose in the register kept in front of the Library Counter.


·        Strictly avoid use of mobile phone inside the Library.


·        Avoid discussions inside the Library.


·        Facility to take Xerox copies is made available in the Library only from 8.00am to 1.00pm.  The payment for taking Xerox has to be paid in the patients’ Cash Counter (Rs.1/- per page) before proceeding to the Library for taking Xerox.


·        Facility of taking printouts and CD writing of E-journals from the library by paying the stipulated amount in the Cash Counter.  This facility will be allowed on all working days between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm.


·        PGs can use the WiFi facility in the Library exclusively for accessing the online journal and not for other personal or other purposes.  Misusing this facility will be viewed seriously and fetch punishment.


·        Reference books and Journals are not allowed to bring outside the Library by Students / Faculty.


·        Return your Library books on or before the due date.


·        Maintain absolute SILENCE inside the Library.


·        The timings for home lending are 9.00am to 6.00pm on all working days.


·        No student shall be allowed to take more than two books at a time.


·        As far as possible the reference books should be replaced in the same position of the same rack.



·        Attempt to tamper, tear, steal the books or pages will be caught in the surveillance camera and will be punished severely.

Student Leave Rules

 Leave should be applied one week in advance except in emergency situations.
 Student should approach the Faculty in charge (I BDS) with leave request from the parent or guardian, along        with duly filled up leave application.
 Faculty in charge will verify the authenticity of leave and will obtain remarks of the concerned Department        HOD/Department in charge, regarding any special assignments, classes, tests etc.
 After verifying the remarks of department, Faculty in charge may approve or reject the request and send the        application to the office with remarks.
 Final approval of the leave will be made at the office with the consent of the Principal.
 Student can collect the approved leave slip from the office within 3 days of the leave application.
 List of the approved leave will be sent to Faculty in charge, Hostel Warden and concerned Departments for        information.
 Students falling sick during college hours should inform Faculty in charge personally or through some one to        get the medical attention, if needed and to approve the absence from classes. If the student fails to inform        Faculty in charge, it will be treated as unauthorized absence.
 Students who are absent on classes without prior approval will be punished as per rules.
 Leave of any sort will not be granted, when there is a general function in the college. Prefixing and suffixing        working days with Sundays and holidays will not be permitted.

HOSTEL -- Rules & Regulations

1.       Application for admission to hostel shall be given to the Principal.

2.       Allotment of rooms shall be made by the Office.

3.       Students must occupy the rooms allotted to them and should not change/exchange rooms without prior permission from the Office. Violations of this rule will result in the Expulsion of the student concerned from the hostel.

4.       Resident Member may be shifted from one room to another without assigning any reason by the Hostel Warden.

5.       Hostel Furniture shall not be removed from one room to another under any circumstances. Students are responsible for the care of furniture and fittings in their respective rooms. The cost of furniture and fittings will be recovered from them in case of any damage or loss along with the fine.  The inmates are not permitted to bring plates and glasses from mess hall to their rooms.

6.       Students are not allowed to use extra electrical fitting in their rooms unless permitted by the Office.

7.       Students should not paste any posters /pictures etc. on the walls, doors, windows and shelves.  All the rooms, doors and windows should be kept neat and tidy. Fine will be levied for disfiguring of doors, glass panels, Furniture and walls of rooms from the resident(s) of the room in addition to the amount needed for repairing and repainting the above.  Keep the room neat and hygiene.


8.       The residents should not disfigure the Verandas, common rooms, common bathrooms and public properties of the hostel block.   


9.       Power is precious. Residents are instructed to switch off the lights and fans when they go out of the rooms, to save electric power. Use water sparingly.

10.   Guests /Visitors are not permitted to enter any rooms allotted to the residents.

11.   If any misuse of computers and mobile phones in hostel rooms is brought to notice of Hostel authorities the respective resident(s) will be expelled from the hostel.

12.   Students should not arrange any functions or meeting within the hostel /college campus, without prior permission from the Principal.

13.   Any student who is suspended / debarred / dismissed from the college will automatically cease to be a member of the hostel.  Accommodation in the hostel will not be given to students who are not active boarders in the hostel.

14.   No student should stay away from the hostel on any working day without the prior permission of the Principal / Administrator and Warden.

15.   Abnormal activities of any nature causing disturbance to neighbors should not be carried out in the rooms.

16.   Students should not keep Mopeds, Motor cycles, Scooters and cars in the hostel premises without prior permission.

17.   Students are not permitted to bring any instruments/materials of lab work to the Hostel and should not do any  lab work in the Hostel.

18.   Students are not permitted to bring any outside food in to the Hostel.

19.   Students can avail pick up and drop facility to railway station/airport on request.

20.   The hostel will be personally inspected by the Authorities regularly. The residents will be subjected to disciplinary actions if they fail to follow above mentioned rules and regulations.

21.   Valuable items should be kept under lock and key. Management will not be responsible for any loss.

22.   Medicines for common ailments and injury will be available with the Hostel Warden.  For any other sickness in-house medical officer is available in the campus.

23.   The Wakeup call will be at 6am on all working days.  The roll call will be at 7pm every day and all the students have to sign the roll call register before going for dinner.

24.   The study time will be from 6 pm to 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm to 11 pm.

25.   Lights off time will be at 11 pm and those who want to study after this time can use reading room.

26.   The TV timings will be from 3pm to 7 pm on working days and from 9 am to 9 pm on all holidays.

27.   Visiting time will be from 4 pm to 6.30 pm in the Visitor’s Hall.  Visitors will not be permitted after 6.30PM. 

28.   All the out passes will be issued by the Associate Dean (Academics) / respective Warden which is to be shown to the gate security while leaving and returning and to be submitted back to the Warden after return.   Three kinds of passes are available for students

Day out pass - For leaving Hostel after class hours and to return by 6 pm - one pass per week. For extra pass @ 50/-.

Week End Pass –Issued to stay away during weekends. The student should return by 7 am on the next working day.

Sunday pass- Issued to go out and return the same day by
6 pm.

29.   All the Students including PG’s and Interns are bound to obey these rules.

30.   Violation of the Hostel rules may attract fine and expulsion from the hostel depends upon the type of violation.

31.   Any complaints, suggestions can be submitted to the Principal through the respective Warden. Only individual complaints will be entertained.




Guidelines to be followed in the Clinics & Lab



Patient Management

·         Use clean and sterile drapes for the patients.

·         Behave politely with the patients

Personal Hygiene

·         Nails should be cut and kept clean; hair combed or put up in the case of females.

·         The apron should be clean and neatly ironed.

·         All the male students should be neatly shaved and in good attire.

·         Gloves and masks to be used while attending patients.

·         Use separate clean clinical footwear inside the clinics.

Care of Equipment & Instruments

·         Cleanliness of the equipment and instruments should be maintained.  Don’t touch the chair, console (Instrument Tray), Lights and switches with gloved hands. 

·         Dental chair and units to be used carefully.  Any defect in the chair or equipment to be informed to the patient in charge on duty.


·         All the clinical records should be completed.

·          The student should obtain prior permission, if they have to be absent from classes or clinics.

·         Only College closed holidays will be holidays for clinical students.

·         Lab should be kept clean.


·         Don’t contaminate the chair and unit.

·         Don’t scratch your hair or body after wearing gloves.

·         Don’t enter the sterilization area wearing used gloves.

·         Don’t mix up the instruments while sterilizing, with others.

·         Behave politely with teaching and non-teaching staff.




PG Rules & Regulations as per KUHS


  •      Out of 365 days, 313 are working days.
  •   Casual leave / Duty leave / Conference leave – for 20 days.
  •   Not more than 10 days leave should be taken at a stretch.
  •   Sunday is a holiday if not in emergency situation.
  •   PG’s are not entitled for study leave or seasonal holidays according to KUHS.
  •    PGs should not work in a clinic, hospital / lab / nursing home / private practice – This leads to     termination of the course.
  •  Each year 80% attendance is compulsory (250 days) for a promotion to next year.
  •   Maternity / medical leave will not be considered for calculating attendance percentage.
  •  Condonation of attendance can be availed once in an academic course (3 years).
  •  Should attend International / National and state conferences (minimum 2).
  •  Should present scientific papers / posters in conferences (minimum 2).
  •  Everyone should maintain a log book (day to day workbook).
  •  Thesis synopsis should be submitted after ethical committee clearance.
  •  Dissertation should not be less than 50 pages and should not exceed 150 pages including all annexures.
  • Thesis Letter Font size – 13 in Times New Roman or Cambria.
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