Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

BDS course extends for a period of four and a half academic years followed by twelve months compulsory rotating internship. The course is subdivided as follows:

First BDS 12 months
Second BDS 12 months
Third BDS 12 months
Fourth BDS Part I 12 months
Fourth BDS Part II 6 months
Internship 12 months

First, Second, Third and Fourth BDS courses are considered separately and classes and ranks are awarded separately. Fourth BDS Part I and Part II are considered as separate courses.Those who fail to secure 50% of marks will be declared as failed and they will have to appear for examinations in the subjects concerned subsequently. A first BDS student who passes two of the three subjects will be promoted to second BDS, but will have to clear the failed subject before appearing for the second BDS examinations. For second BDS no carryover will be allowed if the candidate fails in any one or more of the basic subjects namely, Pharmacology, Pathology and Microbiology and Oral histology. However, for pre-clinical examination subjects, namely Conservative Dentistry, Orthodontics and Prosthodontics, carry over will be permitted but clinical postings in the concerned subjects will be given only after clearing the pre-clinical examinations.For appearing in third BDS University examination, passing the pre-clinical examination in full will be a prerequisite. A similar carryover system exists in third BDS also. A third BDS student who fails only in one subject will be promoted to fourth BDS, but will have to clear the subject before appearing for the BDS Part I examination. No such carry over system exists between second and third BDS. A second BDs student will be promoted to third BDS only after clearing all the subjects of second BDS.Fourth BDS students should appear for Part I examination before appearing for the Part II examination. Students will not be allowed to appear for both Part I and II examinations together in the first attempt. Students may appear for these examinations together in subsequent appearances. There is no restriction for promotion from Fourth BDS Part I to Part II if the candidate has appeared for Part I subjects in full. Students who have failed to appear for Part I examination will have to undergo additional course before appearing for the examination subsequently.Failed candidates will have to undergo additional course for remedial teaching. It is not compulsory to attend additional course for those who enjoy the carryover benefit. Eligibility criteria for appearing in University Examination will be declared at the beginning of the course. The requirements to be completed are as follows:

  • 80% of attendance in examination subjects and 70% in non-examination subjects taught in the year.
  • Completion of the work specified for the year. This includes practical and clinical assignments.