Public Health Dentistry

Public Health Dentistry

Head of Department

Dr. Swathy Anand

The Department of Public Health Dentistry lays special emphasis on patient education, community-based disease prevention, health promotion & preventive dental measures. The department takes pride in being the only department which forms the first level of contact with the community and is keen on working for the community at the grass root level, with the only aim to detect and alleviate oral health related problems. The fine coordination between department and various other sectors; both private and government, guides us to conduct spectrum of activities keeping in mind the principles of primary health care.

The department regularly conducts dental health check-up and treatment camps &outreach programs in schools, institutions & rural areas and also actively involved in “Oral health research & training”.

The Undergraduate program aims to train the students in prevention and control of oral diseases and promotion of oral health through organized community efforts. The Department encourages the students to develop the skill of identifying health problems affecting the society, conduct health surveys, and provide health education and also deciding health strategies to solve the health problems. Students therefore, develop a positive and empathetic attitude towards the problems of the society and take responsibilities in improving their health. The students will also be trained for the planning, implementation and operation of dental public health programs, and also provide with an understanding of the processes through which health policies are developed and regulated.

The department operates a modern well equipped mobile dental clinic that travels to even remote locations and serves rural communities. Apart from that the department has two mobile dental chairs and two mobile dental units that help to reach even the unreached. The department owns a talking robot called Dr. PMS which can deliver health education to the public. The department also provides various health education models, community models and public addressing system for the purpose of public health education.