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Conservative Dentistry

The basic motto of the department is to conserve the tooth structure by rectifying minor defects of teeth in an interceptive, preventive and therapeutic angle in the adult dentition. Such procedures usually enhance the overall health of the patient and enable the tooth to fulfill its functional requirements in relation to its adjacent hard and soft tissues.

Department caters to training students in simulated Oral conditions in the Pre-clinical year where they are made to train on typodont for different forms of cavities and restorations. In the clinical years their clinical dexterity is enhanced by doing conservative restorations both tooth colored and silver alloys, Inlays and deep caries management.

Other major work undertaken in the department are root canal treatment on all teeth, crowns following root canal treatment, Veneers, bleaching of discolored teeth, Esthetic fillings, Occlusal rehabilitation and corrective surgical endodontics where conventional endodontic treatment has failed.

Research Activities in the department:
Fracture resistance of endodontically treated tooth, to different sealers and obturating materials – an In      Vitro study.
Comparative evaluation of apical micro leakage following obturation with Zinc oxide eugenol based, resin      based and a new polymeric endodontic filling – an in Vitro study.
In Vitro evaluation of linear apical micro leakage following obturation with single cone thermoplasticized      and lateral compaction techniques.