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Oral Medicine

The department of oral medicine and radiology in PMS College fo Dental Science & Research is concerned with clinical diagnosis and non-surgical management of non-dental pathologies affecting the oral and maxillofacial region, The main facets of the department are:

Clinical care
Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

Oral medicine is a specialty area of dentistry that is concerned with the health of the oral cavity and the diagnosis and management of diseases of the oral region. It may also include the oral and dental treatment of patients who are medically compromised, i.e, those that have medical problems where dental treatment can result in a serious complications. A sub speciality within oral medicine is Oral and maxillofacial radiology, which uses enhanced imaging techniques for diagnostic purposes. They help in detecting the extent of tooth decay, to assess the damage to the alveolar bone, locating tumors, diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, infectious diseases of the jaw, and most importantly in traumatic injuries.

The department has adequate space for oral diagnosis, Oral Medicine, and Dental Radiology. Sections for undergraduate and Post-Graduates are available separately. The department is equipped with contoured chairs with units, Intra oral periapical, Radio Visual graphy Intra oral camera. The department has sufficient equipment for sterilization. Radiology section has 100 ma X-ray unit for skull and extra oral radiograph. Digital and analogue Orthopantomogram with cephalostat,inaddition to the regular intraoral x ray x-ray units. The radiology department is attached with a dark room with all provisions.There is an enriched department library. The department has adequate qualified experienced, enthusiastic and striving teachers to bestow quality education.

Mission & Vision:

To foster the development of dental graduates during training in the institution with adequate knowledge, necessary skills & reasonable attitudes which are required for carrying out all activities appropriate to general dental practice involving the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of all Dental & Maxillofacial diseases. The students should understand the concept of community oral health education and be able to participate in the rural health care delivery programmes existing in the country.

Goals of Department:

The goal is to provide a basic and advanced education in Oral Medicine and radiology for an improved       understanding of all dental and maxillofacial diseases and increased skills in its management.
To transform the nature of dental education and practice in ways that will dramatically improve the way we       serve our students, our patients and surrounding community.

Undergraduate Training: [BDS]

The teaching programme for undergraduates includes didactic lectures, demonstration of x-ray techniques and discussion by the faculty. Constant exposure to modern equipments and teaching aids sharpens their professional skills. Assessment is done with regular written exams, practical exam including OSCE/OSPE at the end of each clinical posting & students record books are periodically evaluated.Instructional period for the subject of oral medicine and radiology extends from 2nd BDS to final year BDS during which the students are given 105 hours of lectures and 150 hours of clinical training .At the conclusion of the course the students shall have knowledge of different type of investigations to be conducted, commonly used drugs, knowledge of basics of roentgenology with emphasis on radiation protection and hazards .At the conclusion of the course the students shall acquire skills in a) diagnosing diseases ,b)instituting various investigations c)taking and interpreting intra oral radiographs d)and effective communication with the patient. At the conclusion of the course the student shall have attitude to educate the patient on various diseases.

This programme provides lectures, seminars patients centric teaching(clinical teaching & experiences) in the last two years of the four year dental curriculum. Students are exposed to wide range of patients with dental and maxillofacial problems and all students get extensive clinical experience in the diagnosis and medical management of the same.

The post graduate training:[MDS]

The department of oral medicine and radiology has started a 3yearpostgraduate program[MDS} in the year 2011. The department faculty and postgraduate students are regularly involved in various research activities and actively participate with enthusiasm in various CDE programmes, National conferences for updating knowledge. The department staff members has to their credit paper presentations, poster and publications, presentations at national and international level. The proposal is on for training the the post graduates ital for the allied medical subjects and oncodiagnosis and radiotherapy in the RegionalCancerCenter [RCC]Trivandrum.

The dedicated efforts of the management and the support staff further fosters the smooth functioning of the department.