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Orthodontics & dentofacial Orthopedics

Welcome to the home page of the Department of Orthodontics at the PMS College of Dental Science and Research!

The Department was started in 2002 with the goal of offering graduate study in Orthodontics. Since its inception, it has been engaged in teaching, research and patient care. Post graduate program was started in 2011.

The services rendered under the Department of Orthodontics are four fold.

First is the under graduate program, where the BDS students are trained extensively and the focus is on the diagnosis of orthodontics problems and its management with various removable appliances.

Second is the post graduate program, where the MDS students receive theoretical and clinical training in Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. The program prepares qualified graduates to manage the full range of dentofacial discrepancies within the realm of orthodontics. Sound scientific knowledge, honed clinical skills and research findings are applied to patient care in all age groups. Postgraduates learn a variety of treatment modalities under the tutelage of experienced teaching faculty. A master’s thesis and a library dissertation are mandatory for the PG program, Successful culmination of PG program ends with the student securing the Master of Dental Science degree with Orthodontics as the area of specialization.

Third is the patient clinic which caters to the public, where all contemporary orthodontic management procedures are carried out.

Last, we have Ortho – Surgical clinic which provides treatment to the patients with complex skeletal problems, who are managed in collaboration with department of Oral surgery.

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Prevalence of malocclusion in local population, based on IOTN scale.
Effect of force application on GCF and analysis of inflammatory markers.
Evaluation of new parameters for Bolton ratio in local population.
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