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The department of Periodontics is one of the constituent department of PMS dental college. We provide excellent training for both undergraduate and postgraduate student. The department is well equipped with modern equipments, instruments and materials, and give excellent care for about 80-100 patients per day. The department of Periodontics has a full fledged compliment of teaching staff as per the mandate of the Dental Council of India.

The fully equipped department provide both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students with necessary instructions and clinical experiences dealing with etiology, diagnosis and treatment of supporting structures of teeth.

Various surgical procedures done in the PG clinic include:
Mucogingival surgeries
Flap surgeries
Bone grafting
Gingivectomy etc
Advanced procedures like:
Growth factors like PRP etc also done in the department
Research Activities:
Comparative evaluation of coronally advanced flap with PRF versus sub-epithelial connective tissue graft      in the treatment of gingival recession with quasi experimental design- an In Vivo study
Academic stress on periodontal disease status among dental undergraduates-A Longitudinal study.
Critical evaluation of salivary bio-markers for periodontal diagnosis a comparative study.
Comprehensive evaluation of molecular mechanisms of periodontal disease.
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