The BDS program is arranged so as to educate students to become competent dentists, dedicated to serve the community and will practice dentistry with the highest level of standards. The curriculum focuses and emphasizes on the importance of research and encourages student participation in research activities.

Teaching Methodology

The curriculum of the College and the system of teaching and evaluation have all been designed to ensure the achievement of the special goals and morals set by the College as well as the skills and demands of the modern system of dental education.

To ensure better interaction amongst staff and students the students are divided into manageable groups of 20 students during pre-clinical teaching and 8-10 students during clinical teaching. This makes the process of teaching and learning more effective and helps the students to awaken their capacity to think and deduce for themselves. The teachers use Audio-visual teaching aids to achieve further clarity on subjects.

Members of the teaching staff are continually updating their knowledge and information about their subjects and syllabuses through Continuing Dental Educations (CDE), Professional Development Programs, Dental Periodicals, C.D.ROMS and through the department libraries of the College and the online library facility incorporated in the Central Library. The College follows the system of on-going assessment of the students through discussion circles, internal examinations, model examinations before University examinations and Open house meetings with parents of students so as to enable the students to perform their best in university examinations . Study plan followed by the College lays equal emphasis on both theoretical and practical sides of education at all stages.