Tobacco Cessation Clinic

Tobacco Cessation Clinic


The Tobacco Cessation Clinic is a specialized service run by our institution in order to aid members of our society, who wish to quit smoking or other tobacco habits. Patients undergo a detailed evaluation, which focuses on the severity of their addiction and willingness to quit the life-threatening habit.

Assessment of their current lung-function and the amount of carbon-monoxide in their body which is a deadly byproduct of tobacco use is done by state of the art smoke analyzer equipment.

Individuals seeking assistance in this regard are, after a thorough assessment, counseled regarding appropriate strategies to aid in quitting the habit, which usually entails a combination of counseling and medications to reduce the urge and craving for nicotine as well as behavioral strategies to deal with the consequences and withdrawal symptoms of quitting.

The Tobacco Cessation Clinic has also developed several booklets and brochures for patient education and awareness which may be used by patients to aid recovery. This clinic is staffed with qualified professionals who have undergone training at NIMHANS, Bengaluru. Our Tobacco Cessation Clinic is accredited by the Indian Dental Association Tobacco Intervention Initiative (IDA-TII).

Standard Operating Protocol- Flowchart
PROGRAM 1 (Tobacco Cessation Training)
PROGRAM 2 (Tobacco Cessation Clinic – Workshop)