Dental Education Technology Department

Dental Education Technology Department

The dental teaching competence is a complex combination of knowledge, skills, understandings, values and attitudes leading to effective action in dental teaching.


To provide a platform of support for faculty by developing a clear understanding of the competences that all the teaching faculty must possess; providing personal and professional support for every new faculty of the profession and individualized provision for professional development of teaching faculty, which should be conceived as compulsory and collaborative initiatives.


  1. To build up an enthusiasm for his / her speciality and a personal commitment to teaching and learning process, so as to develop both as a dentist and a teacher.
  2. To improve knowledge and understanding of teaching process in dental teaching learning system by incorporating strategic knowledge of instructional methods and curriculum materials including digital technologies.
  3. To incorporate attitudes, values and commitment and hence impart character education along with other learning objectives set in the curriculum.


  • A formal training for the whole Dental education technology department committee members will be given by the Chairperson.
  • Small groups consisting of 10 faculty members in each group from various departments are formed and will be given preliminary training on ICT enabled teaching.
  • Monitoring all the theory classes by the committee members and reports to the chairperson.
  • Evaluation of theory classes by the monitoring team.
  • Corrective measures with the help of qualified trainers.
  • Internal Academic Audit.


  1. Responsible faculty on all educational process of the college.
  2. Improved teaching methodologies
  3. Motivated students
  4. Improved results.

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