Geriatric Clinic

Geriatric Clinic

Gerodontology is the delivery of dental care to older adults, involving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems associated with aging. Geriatric clinic focuses on treating old age patients above 70 years of age.


  • To give an insight of how much importance we have for each patient in the present scenario.
  • To achieve this, we need a reliable diagnosis for an appropriate treatment.
  • The care giver should be aware of the patient’s possible psychosocial issues in their clinical training.
  • We must look through.
    1. Present symptoms
    2. Their social background
    3. Psychological history
    4. Mental functioning
    5. Observation of their behaviour and mood


  • Geriatric mental state assessment must be done.
  • 10 aspects of patients mental state for assessment –
    1. Appearance
    2. Behavior
    3. Speech
    4. Mood
    5. Affect
    6. Thoughts
    7. Perception
    8. Cognition
    9. Insight and judgement
    10. Clinical judgement
  • Ensure that the doctor – patient communication is complete and also all the information collected from patients family doctor must be clear.


  • The first appointment should be for building up a rapport with the patient
  • Primary objective is to explain the protocols in a polite, considerate, generous and understanding manner.
  • Subsequent appointments for the patient are scheduled considering their physical state.
  • Finally thank the patient for their valuable time and openness.

This clinic is headed by the Professor and Head of the Department of Prosthodontics, and the patients visiting this clinic are treated and taken care of by the postgraduates of the same department and these cases are assisted by the Interns posted in the Department of Prosthodontics.