Outreach Program

Outreach Program


The Susmeram Project, spearheaded by PMS College of Dental Science and Research, is tailored to provide undergraduate and postgraduate students with first hand insights into rural living conditions and prevalent health issues within communities. Through assigned family visits and meticulous follow-up assessments, students meticulously record crucial patient data and offer invaluable health education, promoting awareness and advocating for tobacco cessation. This pilot study has demonstrated notable success, evidenced by enhanced awareness of oral healthcare among families, improved access to information about available services, and early exposure to clinical settings for students, fostering the development of their communication and research skills. Despite challenges such as time constraints and resource limitations, the project leverages cooperation from villagers and meticulous planning to ensure its efficacy in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience in healthcare delivery.

Rural Community Outreach Programs

PMS College of Dental Science and Research has undertaken pioneering efforts in extending dental treatments to underserved tribal settlements through initiatives like the Kottoor satellite dental clinic. These satellite clinics serve as crucial centres for providing primary oral healthcare, diagnosing prevalent oral health issues, and offering essential treatments to remote communities. Placed strategically in rural and tribal areas, these clinics ensure accessibility to dental services previously unavailable, addressing long-standing healthcare disparities. Despite challenges such as transportation logistics and bureaucratic hurdles, the success of these initiatives is evident in improved oral health conditions, increased community engagement, and heightened awareness of dental hygiene practices among marginalized populations. By fostering collaboration between healthcare providers, local authorities, and community members, PMS College of Dental Science and Research exemplifies the transformative impact of proactive healthcare interventions in underserved regions.

Sneha Thalam
Snehathalam is a prestigious outreach program conducted by Swasthi Foundation in association with PMS College of Dental Science and Research and Regional Cancer Center (RCC), Trivandrum. Around 43 Oral Cancer detection camps were organized at various locations within Trivandrum district and more than 12000 patients were meticulously screened. Screening camps facilitated early cancer detection and referral, which helped in significantly reducing the morbidity and mortality due to the disease among the screened population.

Blood Donation
Blood donation is a vital part of worldwide healthcare. It allows for blood transfusion as a life-sustaining and life-saving procedure. Blood donors keep the world pulsating by saving lives and improving others health. PMS College of Dental Science and Research has been actively involved in healthy conduct of blood donation since 2010. For the smooth and healthy conduction of blood donating programs we need voluntary, unpaid donors who give blood regularly. We are fortunate to have a group of dynamic and dedicated volunteers. So far we have donated blood to over 500 patients. For 2021, the World Blood Donor Day slogan will be “Give blood and keep the world beating”.

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