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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial recourses for Maintenance and up keeping the different facilities by making policies & implementing, controlling, and Evaluating by regular meetings of various committees and through regular Feedback collection from students, faculties and patients.

Various committees like Clinical committee, Academic Committee, Hostel Committee, Internal Quality assurance committee, Sports & Arts, library, maintenance, Research committee, Exam committee, Research Committee, Institutional Ethical Committee, Scientific committee, Infection Control committee, Student council, NSS, etc. where formed for maintaining and utilizing the physical, academic & support facilities. The different administrative committees, supervisors and in-charges are to ensure and monitor adequate usage and maintenance of the facilities. The committee meetings are held regularly to discuss the infrastructure requirements and maintenance for teaching- learning processes.

The College Infrastructure facilities contains facilities, well equipped ICT enabled lecture halls, 8 pre clinical labs, general and specialized laboratories, 5 comprehensive Clinics, One most modern priority clinic, 8 Post graduate speciality clinics, one Advanced Dental Clinic having Laser and implant treatments, a well stacked library, canteen, Separate hostels for men and women, One Central Air Conditioned Auditorium with 500 seating capacity and One Small air-conditioned Auditorium with 100 seating capacity, Digital OPG, CBCT, Hard tissue Laser unit, beautifully and highly maintained college campus and landscape, and other sufficient training facilities are available for under graduate (UG) and Post Graduate students (PG). All class rooms (Class room associated with Labs-CLABS) and demonstration rooms are provided with Air conditions, Audio visual systems, computers, LCD projectors, screens, and adequate number of chairs, tables/working & demonstration tables etc. Each departments where provided computer, Electronic accessories, Wired/Wireless LAN facility with high speed internet access to fulfil students & faculties learning requirements, more are used to maintain computers in the college.

At Present the college is having 1 UG program and 8 PG programs. Clinical Training facilities are updated to ensure that the students are provided with state of art facilities. The College is committed to provide an excellent academic environment for about 600 students, through more than 100 motivated and highly competent faculties.
Additional facilities like uninterrupted Power supply by Generator backup and 24X7 water supply. Planned preventive maintenance schedules undertaken by competent personnel’s for all facilities and the maintenance cost for the facilities are included in the annual budget of the college in every financial year.

Infrastructural improvements to all properties owned by the college must be effectively and efficiently maintained in order to support operational efficiency, as well as to ensure sustained use, occupational health safety and financial viability. An integrated maintenance approach is followed, incorporating breakdown maintenance, preventative maintenance, condition-based maintenance ensuring that facilities and services infrastructure are maintained to an optimum level, preventing asset deterioration.


  1. A Maintenance Committee headed by Administrator (General) with 9 members for maintaining the infrastructure, class rooms and laboratory will be responsible for managing all the   maintenance activities of the college.
  2. Maintenance Meeting will be conducted on every Thursday, or on the next working day, in case of any holiday on Thursday.
  3. 5 clinic in-charges, 3 maintenance supervisors, one AQAC member, one quality officer, hostel wardens, and IT Administrator will be the members of the committee.
  4. A Maintenance Record book shall be kept in all clinical departments, comprehensive clinics, class rooms, laboratory, preclinical labs and all other supporting activity centres. The assigned person in each centre should report the required maintenance activity in the report book.
  5. Regular rounds shall be conducted by the maintenance supervisors and technical team members at separate time schedule as prescribed by the maintenance committee.
  6. The Supervisors and quality officers are accountable to the Administrator (general) and functions as coordinators who efficiently organizes the technicians. The quality officer shall conduct periodic checks to ensure the efficiency / working condition of the maintenance activities.
  7. Periodic Maintenance meeting of Maintenance committee shall be conducted and follow up actions to be taken by the supervisors and quality officers.
  8. The classrooms shall be properly maintained and in case of damage, carpenters, technicians and electricians shall carry out the maintenance as per the direction of the maintenance supervisor.
  9. Effective utilisation of seminar halls and auditorium for organising academic meetings, seminars, conferences and cultural events is made. For accessing the facilities, the organising faculty/staff member should get prior permission from administrative officer.
  10. The Public Relations Officer with his team of members shall monitor the maintenance and cleanliness of the buildings, classrooms, labs, furniture, campus ground, sports facilities, staff lounge, students amenity areas, cafeteria and hostel buildings.
  11. Housekeeping services are outsourced on annual contract basis and are made available during day time in all days.
  12. Cleaning of the campus area shall be performed twice daily with the help of the outsourced housekeeping team. Gardening and watering of lawns and plants present in the campus shall be performed by housekeeping / gardening contractor.
  13. Campus has Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for recycle and reuse of water. Sewage treatment plant process includes sewage treatment on primary, Secondary or biological and tertiary treatment process to improve quality of wastewater for recycle. Treated water is used for irrigation of garden only.
  14. All the waste of campus is collected on daily basis by the sweepers and collected waste including biomedical waste  is handed over to IMAGE
  15. Computers and networking shall be under the care of IT administrator. The ICT smart classrooms and computer facilities shall be maintained by technically skilled expertsonly under the supervision of IT administrator.
  16. All equipment dental or lab shall be purchased from standard scientific companies as per the norms by the government. Standard operating procedures for all high end equipment are made available to all the users.
  17. The respective faculty members, staff, lab assistants and other service personnel shall given responsibility to maintain the equipment under their purview. Stock registers, log books, tools and report registers shall be maintained by the respective departments.
  18. Budgetary provisions shall be made for electricity, water, general maintenance and ground maintenance.
  19. All major infrastructure facilities shall be covered under insurance policy
  20. A schedule for monthly reports of infection control strategies shall be recorded by the supervisor and shall be countersigned by the administrative officer.
  21. Any equipment/furniture/utility found in need of repair in the campus shall be reported to facility manager.
  22. White washing and painting shall be done on a regular basis. Leak proofing and clearance of roof water storage channels and drains shall be done during the summer.
  23. One person shall be dedicated for electrical repairs and maintenance. Maintenance of the Diesel Generator shall be regularly done on an AMC. Electrical and plumbing maintenance shall be done by the maintenance staff.
  24. Parking facility is well organized. It is efficiently maintained by annually renewed contract securities.
  25. The campus maintenance is monitored through surveillance Cameras.
  26. Mobile dental van provided for outreach community services is periodically monitored and maintained by the public relations officer and his support staff.
  27. Vehicles shall be periodically maintained by Transport Department of the college.
  28. Toilets are cleaned twice every day. The whole campus area is maintained by the housekeeping supervisor who will be reporting the completion of work to Administrative Officer and or his assistants.
  29. The effluent treatment plants and rain water harvesting systems shall be maintained by the civil engineer and support staff. The maintenance of equipment for water pumping plants, sewage plants, elevators are undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules and guidelines by the equipment supplier.
  30. The campus is equipped with 24/7 safe and adequate drinking water supply using water purifiers under Annual Maintenance Contractor. Fire extinguishers are installed in various blocks and are maintained by the respective departments with the support of the civil engineers.
  31. Warden-in-charge has the overall responsibility for all aspects of management of hostels, including maintenance and discipline in the hostels.
  32. Hostel facilities namely electricity, water supply, pest control, intercom etc are repaired and maintained time to time by maintenance department.
  33. The hostel mess committee shall be appointed to inspect and maintain the quality of food, cleaning and feedback on daily basis.
  34. Amenities like canteen and pharmacy, juice shop, stationery, and ATM facilities, laundry and reprography accessible for all students and faculties shall be maintained by respective service providers on annual contract.
  35. Day to day maintenance includes daily running repairs, like replacing light bulbs, repairing water leakages – leaking water pipes, taps, valves and cisterns, cleaning blocked drains, repairing locks and door handles and other minor repairs that necessitate day to day maintenance checks shall take care of by the facility manager and his team members.
  36. All tangent assets like equipment’s, furniture, and instruments are quality coded and  annual stock checking of furniture, lab equipment, stationery, ICT facilities, sports items and all other assets and reporting of repairs shall be done by quality officers as a year ending activity and the consolidated report shall be submitted to the administration to take up necessary actions if required.
  37. Regular feedback is taken from students and faculties regarding the infrastructure and its utilization and periodic assessment are made to consider upgradation of infrastructure and procurement of newer facilities in accordance with concerned committees.
  1. The college website shall be maintained and updated regularly by AMC and technologies are updated regularly by the IT department. The website committee shall continuously monitor the maintenance of the website. Campus shall have separate server room which maintains all internet related issues (updation, maintenance, repair and installation). All broadband services to all departments are distributed and maintained by IT department.  Purchase, updation and installation of essential software’s shall performed by technicians of IT department.
  2. Whole campus shall connect with intercom for smooth and rapid communication and the system shall be covered under AMC with an experienced service provider.
  3. All IT related systems shall be in good repair and maintained within 24 hours.  CCTV cameras shall be maintained by a technically sound agency which shall be covered under AMC.
  4. The College Surveillance camera system shall be under IT administrator.

Central library of PMS dental college serves as the main resource for learning and research. Library is spread over 8000 sq.ft and can accommodate hundreds of students at once with a Peaceful study environment. The library advisory committees where appointed by the principal which is comprised of Faculties, Post Graduates and undergraduate student representatives. The Central Library remains a strong self-learning resource with 5250 books. It has an exhaustive collection of National and International Journals on various specialties in dentistry and around 500 E-journal subscriptions that can be accessed through DELNET and EBSCO with 4mbps broadband Internet and which is updated periodically by Library staff.

  1. The role of Library Advisory committee is to offer advice to the Librarian on implementing library policies and development of library and their contribution to the achievement of college mission.
  2. Competent and dedicated team of librarians shall be employed from 8 am to 7 pm for the benefit of students and students shall be insisted to inculcate the habit of spending quality and productive hours in the library to upgrade themselves to new development and trends in the dentistry.
  3. Library membership card has shall be issued to all students on the first day of their induction after admission.  The Library card can be used for issuing three books at a time [Two dental books and one General book] and shall be returned within 5 days.
  4. Every Student shall access online journal and magazines through e-library facilities provided in the library.
  5. As a part of uplift, the heads of the respective department shall be instructed to guide the postgraduate students to spend the productive time in the library during their leisure hours.
  6. Suggestion boxes shall be kept in the library, which helps the students & staff to register their complaints and suggestions and can be evaluated regularly by the library advisory committee, and meetings shall be conducted with the students for improvement and maintenance of the library.
  7. E-Library facilities can be used by all students to access online journals and magazines
  8. Library is automated by LIBMAS (Version 2.2) since 2007. The software maintenance shall be the responsibility of IT department.
  9. Sufficient computers with internet connection shall be allocated for use of students and library staffs.
  10. Sufficient Newspapers in Malayalam& English language, Dictionaries & Encyclopaedia, and General magazines also shall make available for the student.
  11. Annual requirement of library materials shall be prepared by the chief Librarian and Annual budget shall be allocated by the Finance Manager after getting approval from higher authority by.

Standard laboratory protocol/SOPs is implemented and maintained by each laboratory. Sophisticated and advanced laboratory instruments and equipment’s are available in the laboratory which is readily accessible to students Maintenance of lab equipment maintained by competent technicians as per the directions of the manufacturers. , major laboratory equipment’s has been placed under Annual maintenance contract (AMC) by authorized servicing agencies. Service agreements should be part of the budget allocations upon purchase of equipment. Renewals of service agreements should be maintained for the valid and productive lifetime of all laboratory equipment.

  1. Laboratories are designed with Safety features imbedded in the infrastructure and create an excellent ambience and atmosphere for learning.
  2. Cleaning, Calibration and Repair are the three major portions of Lab care. Cleaning shall be the responsibility of Lab assistants and housekeeping staffs posted in the department. Exterior and deep cleaning of instruments including microscopes shall be performed by qualified technicians as per the SOP of Laboratory.
  3. Regular calibration of all required laboratory equipment shall be conducted and the follow-up of this process shall be the responsibility of Lab –in charge.
  4. From time to time, lab items will wear out. Hence availability of essential spare parts shall be confirmed by the lab in charge to see if parts could be replaced or items can be repaired instead of disposing the instrument.
  5. Inventory and stock shall be maintained for proper utilization, handling of chemicals, equipment’s and monitored & inspected regularly by quality officials and supervisors.
  6. Monthly meetings shall be chaired by Principal and Attended by Administrator, Quality manager, facility Officer, lab in charges and minutes of meeting also shall be recorded.
  7. Facilities in laboratory such as water taps, gas pipe lines and electrical fixtures are regularly checked by respective laboratory and maintenance personnel’s, shall be maintained by technical persons.
  8. Firefighting equipment’s and Fire extinguishers are maintained by authorized AMC agencies.
  9. Obsolete equipment’s and chemicals should be discarded as per standing order procedures.

Our college administration aims overall developments of the Students hence lot importance is given for sports & Cultural activities’ Standard protocol regarding utilization of sports facilities are laid and implemented by the college Administration. Sports advisory committee of the college where formed for the complaints of sports policies and supervise procurement of all sports equipment’s. The college administration has employed a Physical Director to train and organize sports events in a professional manner. The institution promotes students to participate in intra & inter collegiate and inter university sports and cultural festivals and programs and fund will be given for students for their basic requirement for procuring materials related to the events. Sufficient fund has been allocated for Sports & Cultural events.

  1. All Sports facilities present in the campus shall mainly use for sports education training and competitions for students and faculties.
  2. The rules regarding utilization of sports facilities are laid by the college authorities and are monitored by Physical educator.
  3. Sports advisory committee comprising of Principal, Vice Principal, PG and UG director, Administrative officer, Physical education department in charge, Dean of Academics and students  affairs  of the college shall conduct meetings and minutes are recorded and shall forward to physical education department and cultural program coordinator for the uplift of extracurricular activities of students .
  4. Physical educator shall take care of maintenance of grounds, gymnasium and swimming pool.
  5. Equipment for sports and games shall under the custody of administrative officers and Physical education department.
  6. Expensive equipment’s in the fitness lab are maintained through Annual Maintenance Contract.
  7. Sports complex, Gymnasium and swimming pool shall be maintained by physical educators and competent technical personnel’s.
  8. The college administration promotes student participation in Sports & cultural events inter college, Inter university level. Adequate fund is allocated every year for maintenance of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

A private security organization has been appointed to provide round the clock Fire Safety and Security cover to men, materials and infrastructure of the college. CCTV surveillance has been installed all the strategic locations, and monitored by Administration. Procedures for entry and exit timing for student and visitors has been implemented and maintained. Identity cards issued to all students and employees of college .Regular feedback from security personnel are taken.

  1. A printed ( In Malayalam) dos and Don’ts shall be given to each security staff
  2. When new security staffs are appointed, he/she shall be given an orientation program about the infrastructure, facilities, rules and regulations, hostel rules and parking rules of the college.
  3. Security staffs shall wear their uniform as prescribed.
  4. Security staff shall upkeep the records like daily activity report, Incident reports, incident checklist, pass on log,  visitors log, parking violation log, suggestion book, security rooms maintenance request books, etc.
  5. Daily parade shall be conducted in early morning.