The PMS College of Dental Science and Research has always supported and adopted the latest advancements to propel our institution ahead of its contemporaries. As part of the national initiative of digitalisation, our college has decided to digitalise its patient records. The software “Grapes IDMR” was adopted by the institution last year and we have efficiently migrated towards the paperless mode since then. Grapes Innovative Solutions offers an advanced IDMR software which manages clinical data and medical image data in an integrated fashion.

In the conventional hospital set up, patients go through laborious procedures such as registration, cross consultations, referrals etc which are time consuming and tedious.

Supplementing our comprehensive clinic system, our digital clinic management system makes the patients’ valuable time spent in our institution short and productive. Patients’ details are stored using the software during the first visit. All necessary information recorded prior is thus readily available at the doctor’s fingertips. This includes the patient history, relevant and related medical information, previous treatment records, billing information and clinical notes. All information pertaining to the patient’s treatment done is added in the software thus updating patient’s records.

This efficient management of patients helps us serve our patients in a more efficient manner.