Comprehensive Clinic

Comprehensive Clinic

A concept of undergraduate training called as comprehensive dental care (CDC) consist of clinical training incorporating all the specialist disciplines which are undertaken by dental students in a single integrated dental clinic.


  • To bring a sense of clinical maturity in dental students
  • To impart in them the skills and attitudes for a holistic and comprehensive approach to the practice of dentistry.


  • To facilitate and ensure personal and professional development
  • Awareness to the students about various aspects like respect of the patient as a person and fulfillment of their treatment needs.
  • Provide students with competence and knowledge to treat after diagnosing dental conditions in patients with various treatment needs.


  • Authorizing one student responsible for total oral care for their patients
  • After assessing the oral health status and treatment needs, propose a treatment plan including preventive measures and prediction of treatment outcome of each patient assigned to them.
  • Patients are assigned to students depending upon their level of knowledge and clinical experience
  • Categorization of level of treatment complexity is done by multidisciplinary faculty team
  • Complex procedures are referred to respective postgraduate clinics.
  • A staff who have expertise in general dental practice supervises and guides the student during clinical procedure.

Thus the students will be exposed to the real clinical situation associated with practice of general dentistry.