General and Dental Pharmacology & Therapeutics

General and Dental Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Head of Department

Dr. Krishnamoorthy

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their actions in the human body. The study of Clinical Pharmacology helps in prescribing medicines for common dental and medical ailments. It also helps to recognize and report the adverse reactions. The broad goal of teaching Pharmacology is to inculcate rational and scientific basis of therapeutics. The teaching modalities include lectures, demonstrations, seminars, microteaching and practical exercises. Practical knowledge of use of drugs in clinical practice will be provided through integrated teaching with clinical departments.

At the end of the course students should be able to describe the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of commonly used drugs in general and in dentistry in particular, prescribe drugs rationally for common diseases. Indicate special care in prescribing drugs in special medical situations like pregnancy, lactation, old age and co morbidities, recognize and report adverse reactions and critically evaluate the drug formulations commonly used in dentistry.

The department is run by qualified, experienced and dedicated faculties. The department holds adequate infrastructure and library facilities for providing the required training in Pharmacology for both Undergraduates and Post graduates. We have Classroom Associated Laboratory system (CLAB) with modern digital tools for imparting student-centered education. The Laboratory is equipped with instruments and ingredients required for the preparation of pharmaceutical formulations commonly used in dentistry. The department collaborates with other departments for interdisciplinary learning experience.