General Surgery

General Surgery

Head of Department

Dr. Moorthy K E

Surgery is an invasive technique with the fundamental principle of physical intervention on organs/organ systems/tissues for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons. The Department of General Surgery offers teaching programs for undergraduates.

Undergraduate program aims to acquaint the student with various diseases which may require surgical intervention. The department trains the student to analyse the disease history and be able to do a thorough physical examination of the patient. The diseases as related to head and neck region are given due importance. At the end of one year of study the student will have a sound theoretical knowledge of various ailments, and be practically trained to differentiate benign and malignant diseases and be able to decide which patient requires further evaluation. Students are honing their skills to examine a routine swelling, ulcer and other related diseases and to perform minor surgical procedures such as draining an abscess, taking a biopsy etc.