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Student survey

Student survey

Students Satisfaction Survey on Institutional Quality Assurance

    1) Coverage of curricula and syllabi in the discipline
    ExcellentVery GoodGoodAveragePoor

    2) Percentage of teachers effectively communicating the topic using teaching aids (Black Board, video presentation, Power point presentation and other internet sources) while teaching.
    90-100%75-89%55-74%30-54%Below 30%

    3) Extend of clinical & practical facilities made available
    90-100%75-89%55-74%30-54%Below 30%

    4) Extent of mentoring process beneficial for academic, social and personality growth.
    Highly beneficialBeneficialSatisfactoryMarginallyNot at all

    5) Extend of opportunities given for outdoor learning like community outreach programs, study tours, attending conferences etc.
    90-100%75-89%55-74%30-54%Below 30%

    6) Level of value added courses / training given in the area of professional ethics, personality development, community services, preventive health care and rural health care.
    High LevelAppreciable levelSatisfactory LevelMarginal LevelNot Opportunity given

    7) Assessment about the fairness of the internal evaluation process adopted by the teachers.
    ExcellentVery GoodGoodAveragePoor

    8) Rate the procedures involved in preparation of the examination hall, invigilation, evaluation of answer papers and arrangements for addressing examination related grievances.
    ExcellentVery GoodGoodAveragePoor

    9) If you were to award rating in terms of stars in relation to quality of teaching learning and evaluation, what would be your rating?
    5 star4 star3 star2 star1 star

    10) Give three suggestions to improve overall teaching learning and evaluation process in your institution.