Head of Department

Dr. Ambili R

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of periodontium i.e., supporting structures of teeth. Esthetic procedures like depigmentation, gingival contouring for smile design, management of gummy smile etc. are also carried out in the department.

We train undergraduate students to primarily diagnose various periodontal conditions and diseases. They also learn to perform the nonsurgical management of periodontal diseases as well as simple surgical procedures like frenectomy, crown lengthening, gingivectomy etc. During their training period they are encouraged to observe and assist various surgical procedures performed in the department.

Post graduate students are trained to diagnose and manage all the different periodontal diseases. Apart from open flap debridement they are routinely doing regenerative procedures using various bone grafts, guided tissue regeneration membranes, growth factors like platelet concentrates and their combinations. Comprehensive patient management is the ultimate objective of our training and we encourage interdisciplinary discussions and incorporate the necessary treatments from other disciplines along with periodontal treatment. Perioesthetics is another important aspect of our speciality and our post graduate students get ample opportunity to perform various root coverage procedures and other esthetic procedures. Along with clinical training, post- graduates are taking classes for undergraduate students to improve their teaching skills. They are also trained to do research activities and encouraged to publish articles in scientific journals as part of their curriculum.

Our department possess advanced clinical facilities like soft tissue laser and centrifuge for preparing various platelet concentrates. Post graduate students are also trained to place dental implants, advanced dental implant procedures like sinus augmentation, ridge augmentation as well as to manage peri-implant complications. Advanced research facilities comprising of microbiological tools (BANA) are also available in the department.