General Human Anatomy including Embryology and Histology

General Human Anatomy including Embryology and Histology

Head of Department

Dr. Ahammed Siraj Shirbadgi

Anatomy is the science which deals with the structure of the body from the macroscopic to the microscopic level. The human anatomy has for long been studied through dissection of cadavers, which serves as the basis for understanding the structure and function of the human body. The anatomical knowledge is essentially required by clinicians and surgeons for physical examinations, diagnostic tests, and surgical procedures. The ability to interpret a clinical observation correctly is therefore the endpoint of a sound anatomical understanding. This is effectively provided in the department by various teaching modalities such as lectures, lecture demonstrations, activity-based microteaching, dissections, specimen illustrations, practical demonstrations and incorporation of modern digital tools.

The undergraduate program enables the students to gain the knowledge and insight into, the functional anatomy of the normal human head and neck, functional histology and an appreciation of the genetic basis of inheritance and disease, and the embryological development of clinically important structures. The department also encourages the postgraduate students to take up anatomy related research works to enrich their research aptitude.

We have Classroom Associated Laboratory System (CLAB) for providing an excellent learning experience to the students. The department collaborates with other departments for interdisciplinary learning experience. The department has a spacious dissection hall, demonstration hall, histology laboratory and anatomy museum.